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     The Eastern Washington Junior Rodeo Association was formed in 1984 and incorporated in 1990 as a non-profit organization. Our purpose is the perpetuation of the American sport of rodeo and its rich cultural traditions. We endeavor to provide the youth of the Inland Northwest the opportunity to compete against the best young athletes our region has to offer. We strive to create an environment that teaches our children the values associated with the sport of rodeo.  
     The Eastern Washington Junior Rodeo Association is a family oriented organization. Members compete in EWJRA sanctioned rodeos for fun, great completion, and the chance to earn points for year end awards.
Our association is a dynamic and diverse group whose 100+ member families come from all over the Inland Northwest region and from all walks of life. The bond that we share is a love for the sport of rodeo and the heritage from which the sport owes its roots. Watching an Eastern Washington Junior Rodeo is a chance to view a part of our region’s past while at the same time seeing its future shining brightly in the faces of the youth who are the heartbeat of the EWJRA. We are proud of our association and of our youth that compete under the banner of the Eastern Washington Junior Rodeo Association.                

Eastern Washington Junior Rodeo Association
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